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Pricing and Financing Options

Tier I: MACD 25.00 Ticket

  • MACD (Move, Add, Change, Delete) service at a flat rate of $25.00 per ticket.

Tier II: Comprehensive Service Bundle

  • This tier includes several services bundled together:

    • CCO (Change and Configuration Optimization)

    • CBC (Call Behavior Configuration)

    • Routing Configurations

    • Scripting (Repair)

For each service in Tier II, the following pricing structure applies:

  1. Acknowledge (24 hours): $25.00

  2. Assess and Analyze (24 hours): $100.00

  3. Repair (per hour): $100.00

T&M (Time and Maintenance):

  • Time and Maintenance service is offered at $125.00 per hour.

Discount Option:

  • For Time and Maintenance service, iVoIP offer a bulk discount of 25% for a purchase of 100 hours.

  • This brings the total cost to $10,000 for 100 hours (with a 25% discount applied).


  • iVoIP offers a financing option for the 100(+) hour package, allowing customers to pay over a 3-month period.

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